Friday, June 29, 2007

Paul Simon's Lost Alienated Cereal song

We know Paul McCartney mumbled "Scrambled Eggs" before he arrived at "Yesterday."
Well...Paul Simon had similar breakfast problems, singing:
"Something tells me things have changed since I've been gone.
My bowl of Rice Krispies ain't what it used to be!"
His lady friend isn't what she used to be, either:
"Your eyes are filled with icicles, your touch is bitter cold.
"And I know I have been on the road too long..."
What lyrics are these?
Lyrics that didn't make it.
The melody lingered on, but Paul changed his dark lines about cold cereal and colder girlfriends into a hallucinatory report on happenings "At the Zoo."
That's when Garfunkel decided it was worth joining in. Here on this demo, Paul's on his own.
Hear what happens when you're so alienated, your bowl of Rice Krispies gives you the silent treatment.

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