Saturday, June 09, 2007


If Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had talent, they would've recorded BORING instead of being the poster girls for it. The anorexic thing. Check. The bad amateur porn. Check. Smirking into the camera while doing drugs. Check. Flaunting wealth and stupidity and getting in trouble with the law. Check, check, and double-check.
"Boring" is a track from one of the best new sister acts around, The Pierces. There were four girls in the family, but only two made the move from Alabama to take on the music industry. Their first album arrived in 2000. They've paid a lot of dues gettin' through. If they don't make it with their new album, the scene will truly be "Boring."
"Marijuana...cocaine...heroin...BORING! Nothing thrills us anymore..."
But they didn't mention the illfolks blog.
Listen to BORING or download it

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