Monday, July 09, 2007


The breathy-sexy stylings of past mistresses French Claudine Longet and Brazilian Astrud Gilberto have been inhaled, and now exhaled by Asian cutie Kahimi Karie.
First, check out "I Am a Kitten" the download single offered below. If you find it mew-sick, then go no further. If her French purrs and final "meow" makes you juicier than sushi (or "raw like sashimi") then proceed to "Nunki," a full album of her precocious whispers and mewmurs that might form the soundtrack to a very peculiar evening of sex and/or eating.
Unlike the obvious "I Am a Kitten," recorded in France and full of the influence of European friends, the full album "Nunki" has varied pleasures and a much more Asian tone.
There's a whisper in your ear called "Yubitsugi," the sugary meditation "I'm in the Rain," the guitar pluck and sound-effect plinks of "All is Splashing Now," and "Taiyo To Tsuki" which includes odd click noises that suggests the lady has emerged from the beaded curtain in an exotic geisha house and...she'll be plucking a few more bills from your wallet very soon.
The expert Ms. Karie (born Mari Hiki, March 15, 1968) has been practicing her Shibuya-kei for over a decade now, and became a superstar in Japan via "Huming ga kikoeru," the theme song for the anime "Chibimarukochan." Like Astrud Gilberto, Kahimi was an amateur vocalist until coerced by her friends to turn pro. The ex-photographer found that singing softly and whispering lyric lines created an intimacy and effect that louder, better-trained singers couldn't match. While Karie has recorded experimental Asian music and jazz in Japan, she's also performed with many European musicians and as you'd expect from "I am a Kitten," lives in Paris, land of Bardot
Kahimi the Sex Kitten "I Am a Kitten" song Instant download, No porn ads or wait time.
Karie Album NUNKI via RS, complete.

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Bruce said...

I have a version of this by a band called, "Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopper", aka "Death By Chocolate" which is very true to this version.
Try the YouTube link above.