Saturday, April 19, 2008


What we call "religion" is really just one thing: belief in an imaginary friend. The only variation, among the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus and the rest, is how friendly this God actually is.

Some sick fucks figure that God is actually a pretty evil old dude. Even weirder, they figure their particular form of silly costumes, rituals and chants are the ONLY ones that God hears, and that everybody else should be converted or destroyed. Totally insane is that these same sick fucks think God can't smite these heathens himself! They think he needs them to do it for Him. Holy war! Holy shit!

Illustrating this insane and intolerant point, after nearly 20 years of solo album silence, is Martin Briley.

"ME AND MY INVISIBLE FRIEND" is from Martin's album "It Comes In Waves." Still crusty after all these years, maybe half the tracks are salty, while a few (including the title track) are more bittersweet. For other highlights, such as "Church of Disney" and "Pray For Rain," there's a thing called iTunes. Martin also has a myspace page with samples.

Here, singing as a radical Islam asshole, Martin explains why he's a sick fuck: "I wanna protect you, infect you, show you why your life is wrong. I wanna alert you, convert you, then maybe we can get along.." Maybe. Maybe not:

"I watch you every night by satellite surrounded by the things I crave
You got the floosies in Jazuzzis while I'm living in this cave.
HE promises glory, with stories of virgins in paradise
And I never had a girl in the real world so take me to the afterlife.
It'll be deja-vu all over again
We're gonna fight this holy war 'till the bitter end
Me and my invisible friend..."

Do you have a taste for misanthropic, wry, satiric, inflammatory music-making? Think you could write a hit like Briley's infamous "Salt in My Tears?" Maybe Martin can help you get it out there. If you wanna be very commercial, and write songs you think a Celine Dion or an N'Sync might perform, or a Karla DeVito or Pat Benatar, Martin could help here, too, since he's written songs for all of those (and more). For more info on how you might be able to work with Martin Briley in his studio or via tapes or Internet files sent back and forth, check out

And now...a slam at radical Islam (because, let's hasten to add, they are hijacking a fine, fine, super-fine, just plain excellent religion) here's...


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Well said as always

Love, I say love the aural 'superstition' allusion in this tune, the clever bastard (and thanks Stevie)

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