Wednesday, April 09, 2008

SACRILEGE #9: Singin' like Bob Dylan

Who would dare mimic Bob Dylan?
Actually, who wouldn't? He and Elvis are probably the most imitated vocalists of all time, when it comes to parody.
Since more than a few would be a lethal dose, here's two samples:
"The Times They Haven't Changed Much" by Loose Bruce Kerr, imagines what protest-song Bob might do in describing trivial problems of the day: "Come mothers and fathers in large SUV's. They're just station wagons with cup-holder ease. Your sons and your daughters still won't eat their peas. And teens speak some new form of English. They think they know more than their parents, oh please! Oh the times they haven't changed much..."
"Everybody Must Get Stoned," a phrase in Dylan's oddly named "Rainy Day Women #12 and #35" song, leads to: "Everybody Loves Flintstones" from Dan Orr. A typical Dr. Demento-type piece, aiming at anyone who hasn't mentally aged beyond 14, it extols the joys of never getting over badly animated cartoons: "Well Fred, he got a pal named Barney Rubble. They always wind up in some kinda trouble. They always get yelled at by Mr. Slate. And they use an elephant to wash their plates. Might sound absurd, but they got a bird that is a phone. Everybody loves Flintstones!"
2 boobs tryin' t' soun' like Bob

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