Friday, January 09, 2009


Snap, cool as Bobby Darin was, some of his tracks just didn't end up etched in vinyl.
Here's a set of 25 songs that stayed in the Capitol vaults in the 60's, an era that shows him slippin' and slidin' over Al Jolson (Alabamy Bound) Anthony Newley (What Kind Of Fool Am I) Andy Williams (Moon River) and the rest of them older, squarer cats.
Of special interest, an attempted Mack the Knife sequel called Gyp the Cat!
At the time, some folks thought this guy was pretty ill: too young to be Middle of the Road, but acting too old to really appeal to the teens. But hey, the answer was that this guy didn't need to be Frank or Dino, nor Sedaka or Anka. He was the best at being Bobby Darin, and now he's legend.

The outtake tracks include: I Got Rhythm, Alabamy Bound, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Know, When My Baby Smiles at Me, Beautiful Dreamer, When You Were Sweet Sixteen, I Ain't Got Nobody, You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You, This Nearly Was Mine, The Sweetest Sounds, Standing on the Corner, Whispering, Just Bummin' Around, On the Street Where You Live, Red Roses for a Blue Lady, If I Ruled the World, Tall Hope and more.
25 Outtakes from Bobby D.


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About time...more, more, more. Open that vault all the way and let us hear Manhattan in NY, and Weeping Willow Tree.