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I HEAR DEAD PEOPLE : THE C&W and POP Stars Dead in 2008

"Dead...didn't even know they were ill..."
It was ladies first on the illfolks blog, so having presented the musical death knells to departed singers and songwriters last week, it's time to honor the men who are now, to quote that Jody Reynolds novelty classic, sleeping the "Endless Sleep."
As this is a music blog, you can look elsewhere for tributes to all the great statesmen, politician, actors, writers and others who shuffled off their mortal coils. The roll call includes the following who contributed a lot to the world, or to the world of illfolks : Paul Newman, George Carlin, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Forry Ackerman, Bill Meléndez, Harvey Korman, Harvey Karman, Sydney Pollack, Dick Martin, Will Elder, Ted Key, William F. Buckley, Jr., Barry Morse, Werner "Frick" Groebli, John Hewer, David Groh, Roy Scheider, Paul Scofield, Claiborne Pell, Charlton Heston, Clive Barnes, Irving Brecher, Reg Varney, Herb Score, Joe Hyams, Preacher Roe, Gerard Damiano, Rudy Ray Moore, Jack Narz, Tom Tresh, Lloyd Thaxton and grouchy sitcom character actors Henry Beckman and Allan Melvin.
The following dead sports figures have fun names too good not to repeat:
Baseball's Herb Hash (97) and Bob Purkey (78), Football's Buzz Nutter (77) and Coy Bacon (66) and wrestling's Ron Slinker (62).
This segment salutes some pop and country stars who passed on. But aside from those you can sample in the download, let's take a paragraph to note some of the other casualties of the past year.
On December 27th, Delaney Bramlett died. He wrote "Let it Rain," and co-wrote "Superstar" with Leon Russell, most recently covered by Sonic Youth. His tune "Never Ending Song of Love" was a regular on the country charts, covered by dozens and dozens of C&W performers. Also unable to make it into 2009, was Derek Wadsworth (69) who wrote the spectacular theme song for "Space: 1999," and Neal Hefti (85) who wrote the theme for "Batman" and "the Odd Couple" and Earle Hagen (88) who wrote the themes for "The Andy Griffith Show" and "I Spy" among others. Using the search feature, top left, you can find the illfolks tributes previously written for both of those men.
Also departed: Danny Dill (83), who co-wrote "Long Black Veil" and had a hand in many other C&W standards, Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright (65), Mike Smith (64) who was a major member of The Dave Clark Five, Buddy Miles (60) both a drummer and a singer (that's his voice leading the California Raisins), pianist Louis Teicher (83) who issued dozens of albums with his piano partner Ferrante, Ralph Young (90) the American half of the Sandler and Young nightclub act, and upstate New York folkie favorite Artie Traum (65),
Perhaps the saddest passing was of Tarka Cordell. Tarka (40) was the son of veteran rock producer Denny Cordell. He issued one album on a small indie label two years ago, and samples of it are still on his myspace page. He was a suicide. And calling it a day, via natural causes, was Chuck Day (65) a Chicago guitarist who recorded as Bing Day and Ford Hopkins, but would anonymously turn in one of the more iconic riffs in rock history when he ad-libbed the guitar introduction to "Secret Agent Man." Aside from working with Johnny Rivers, he also played on albums for The Mamas and the Papas and later fronted his own band for gigs in California over the past decade.
In your download:
Jimmy Carl Black (Lonesome Cowboy Burt), Jody Reynolds (Endless Sleep), Willoughby Goddard (I Shall Scream...from the original Broadway production of Oliver), Dennis Yost of Classics IV (Spooky, Traces), Rod Allen leader of The Fortunes (You've Got Your Troubles I've Got Mine), Eddy Arnold (Mommy Please Stay Home With Me), Jerry Wallace (You're Singing Our Love Song), Charlie Walker (Honky Tonk Woman, Wild as a Wildcat), Jerry Reed (Smell the Flowers, When You're Hot You're Hot), Davy Graham (Goin' Down Slow, Leavin' Blues), Henri Salvador (La Muralle de Chine), Erik Darling, leader of the Rooftop Singers (Walk Right In), John Stewart (Lost Her in the Sun), Robert Hazard (Blood on My Hands).
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