Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Fans of Repetition - STARDUST x 19 plus...

If you're the type that never got up to push the needle along when it got stuck, or if you have a morbid curiosity about how different people can sing the same song...check around the blog and you'll find a lot of ridiculous posts featuring more than enough cover versions of a particular song. Like...

19 versions of STARDUST including the Dinahs Shore & Washington, Ben Webster, Cab Calloway, Brubeck, Krupa, Coleman Hawkins, Isham Jones, The Ink Spots, Louis Armstrong, Sammy Kaye and even satire (Jackie Vernon). There's country nasal and country swing (Willie and Leon), and since you probably didn't know she could sing, Elke Sommer. Also, a 1933 solo from the author, Hoagy Carmichael. STARDUST

Elsewhere (just type in a few key words in the top left corner) you'll find:
17 VERSIONS OF TOM DOOLEY, duly noted.

12 VERSIONS OF FAREWELL TO NOVA SCOTIA, for those who never know when to leave.

25 VERSIONS OF UNCHAINED MELODY including Shayne Ward, Dobby Dobson, Ann & Nancy Wilson (huh? they covered it??), Matt Monro, the late Boots Randolph, U2, Pitney, Orbison, and a host of others.

And no, that isn't a Photoshop job at the top of this entry, that's the damn nice Dahm Triplets, repetitive in their smiles, waving the red white and blue.

There's plenty of "live" links going back to the pithy paragraphs, cogent commentary, and peculiar pictures. So you are indubitably encouraged to peruse this jeremiad and explore all atrabilious amphigories.

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