Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Billy Bennett asks, from the grave, Can't the U.N. Kill ISIS??

Today's news included a report on an 82 year-old scholar and curator who was beheaded by ISIS. Why? He wouldn't tell them where to find some priceless art treasures they wanted to destroy.

ISIS not only hates "infidels," rapes white women, murders Christians, and likes to watch people being burned alive or shot by young kiddies just learning how to use weapons. They also are infuriated by inanimate objects.

They love to rampage through museums and archives, bashing artifacts to bits. Somehow, they think Allah is looking down from his pink cloud, saying, "Gee, thanks, I wish I could do that, but I'm not as all-powerful as a bunch of Camel-faced morons with hummus in their beards."

The question is why the U.N. doesn't round up a potent martini of fifth Muslim, one fifth African, one fifth European, and two fifths American, to simply "surprise attack" various villages and root out every ISIS thug they find?

Just go to each notorious dungheap town and have the local citizens, police, and other fine, fine peaceful Muslims identify who the ISIS jerks are. And BANG. Round 'em up and then, oh, set fire to the fucking lot of them.


The trouble is that the U.N. is full of shit, just like the previous group that was supposed to preserve the peace, "The League of Nations."

British Music Hall wiseguy Billy Bennett knew all about how ridiculous and incompetent they were.

About 100 years ago, Bennett lampooned the good intentions of the original "League of Nations." It's no surprise that today's "United Nations" is even more hapless and corrupt. All they do is let Putin and Palestinians and other maniacs run wild. Any time there's even a flood or other natural disaster, they just sit on their asses and expect America to pay for everything. When was the last time you heard any world leader say, "Jeez, too bad about those midget Asians getting pelted by a typhoon. They'll get plenty of money, guns and lawyers from us!" NEVER.

Back in the day, Bennett saw this and offered a cheeky tweak that lyrically might recall the legacy of nonsense specialists Edward Lear and W.S. Gilbert, while the heroically vaudevillian delivery may have inspired Max Miller and Spike Milligan. You'll probably get past a few dated references, and the Cockney rhyming slang, and agree that Billy should occupy some space on your iTunes between Ian "What a Waste" Dury and Groucho "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" Marx.

The nations will never agree on real sanctions against terrorism, over-population, ecological abuse or Pink Floyd continuing to tour.

Newspapers don't call for peace because they make more money reporting on atrocities. Which is why Billy Bennett declared, "What I like to see in a newspaper," says Billy here, "is a good feed of fish and chips!"

Billy Bennett mocks The League Of Nations

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