Saturday, August 29, 2015

YES MY DARLING DAUGHTER - Eydie Gorme and Dinah Shore versions

A seminal song about consensual sex, "Yes My Darling Daughter" was a pretty pioneering effort back in 1940: a horny girl describes the advice she got from her very hip mama!

When Eddie Cantor heard a demo of it, he flipped for the song, and the unknown Jewish girl who sang it. That girl was Dinah Shore. She and "Yes My Darling Daughter" became a hit when she sang it on Cantor's radio show.

Dinah's radio debut was so hot, she reprised the song just a month later, October 23, 1940. (That version is available below). Dinah ended up a regular on Cantor's radio show, and a big recording star.

Fast forward nearly 20 years to Eydie Gorme's version. Gorme's another Jewish girl talking to Mama, but her version's got a rocking up-tempo big-band arrangement. She removes the line suggesting papa might protest her antics, and...check the ending! Gorme is getting pretty orgasmic with her "Yes, Yes" delights, and goes so far overboard...the police have to be called in.

Listen for how Gorme's voice melds with a police siren! Out of respect to the late Ms. Eydie and her husband Steve Lawrence, no further speculation will be made as to why the cops were called. Back when she was still around, I did e-mail her website and ask if there was any story as to why a police siren was melded into her vocal. The webmaster's reply was that there wasn't a siren. Duh. By the time I tracked down songwriter Jack Lawrence, he was in no condition to recall that session.

The illfolks blog takes great pleasure in offering an obscure and unlikely bit of smut, and hopefully you'll take great pleasure too, although for a song that's under 3 minutes, you'll have to be quick.

PS, songwriter Jack Lawrence wrote the lyrics for several very clean hit songs, including "Beyond the Sea," "Tenderly," "All Or Nothing at All" and "If I Didn't Care."

GORME goes Nuts
DINAH on Radio

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Anonymous said...

I had a sheelac disc of Eydie Gorme's Yes my daqrling daughter back in the 1950's. I had a 12inch loudspeaker mounted on a large bafflr board in the chimney's fireplace using the chimney as a resonator. When the siren came on the blast could have taken an aircraft out of the sky. Unfortuneatly I can't find it on youtube.