Saturday, August 29, 2015

Donald Trump wouldn't like "My Yiddishe Mama" in SPANISH from Sedaka

The current star of the tedious 2016 Presidential campaign is Donald Trump. His numbers seemed to skyrocket when he declared there should be a wall between America and Mexico.

"The Donald" hit a nerve. Xenophobia is like the common cold. It's catching. It's hard to get rid of it.

Like the common cold, immigrants are at best, a nuisance. It gets chronic when they refuse to learn the language and worse, become violent. This is why Trump's comments have been appreciated by so many.

He said that Mexico has not been giving us (the U.S.) their best. Why deny the obvious, child? To millions of people, es verdad. It's true. It applies to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, too. There are a lot of Latino criminals around. The U.S. is becoming increasingly more bilingual because Latinos don't want to learn English.

While every other ethnic group assimilates, even if they are Greek, Russian, Israeli, Japanese or Chinese and have to learn not only a new language but completely different symbols for every letter of the alphabet, the Latinos say, "No. No me gusto." And so in most parts of America, you can't use an ATM machine, call a Federal agency, or even get junk mail without either seeing it in both English or Spanish or being asked in which language you'd like to continue.

It's absurd. And that's part of why Trump is popular.

The irony is that everywhere in the world, you'll find people speaking English. They don't HAVE to, but if you travel anywhere from France to Japan, you won't have any trouble finding someone who speaks English. And today's Latinos don't give a shit. It wasn't that way when Carmen Miranda and Cesar Romero and Ricardo Montalban came over.

In the 60's, it was not uncommon for a star who had a hit single to re-record it in Spanish, German, French or Italian to get extra sales and spread the good will. Soon it will become mandatory. We might even see the day when American singers are handed a phonetic sheet and told, "Sing it in Spanish first. If it's a hit, MAYBE you can record it in your native language."

The statistics show that America has more Spanish speakers than any other country except Mexico. That number is rising, mi amigo.

And since Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map, and is being allowed to create the weapons to do so, here's what will soon be a very rare relic; a Jewish song sung in Spanish.


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