Saturday, May 19, 2007


Paul Simon: "Write a song about the moon."
(Yes, click the photo and it gets BIGGER).
If you're behind on tushy tunes, then download this, and you'll be rear-ended with all kinds of spanking hot hits. It's ass good ass it gets.
The earliest number here is "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World," which was considered quite naughty 70 years ago, even when done by "Our Gracie" Fields. Also vintage, is "Everybody Loves My Fanny" by little Benny Bell, who also wrote many a freilach. In fact, he was so well known for klezmer-type music that he had to give up the smut. His Orthodox Jewish audience strongly disapproved when they asked for Benny Bell tunes at the local store and saw some risque titles! Yes, that includes his Dr. Demento classic "Shaving Cream."
As always, in the interest of broadening your musical education, all styles of music are included here. There's country, prog-rock, techno-disco and of course some rude rap via 2 Live Crew, Sir Mix-A-Lot, the Lords of Acid, and the appropriately named Juvenile. Pick your favorite ass stuff, and flush the rest.

1. Fat Bottomed Girls (pro version)
2. Fat Bottomed Girls (American Idol version)
3. Thong Song (female remix)
4. Thong Song (beautifully mashed with "Billie Jean")
5. Please Don't Wear That Thong (novelty)
6. I Like Big Butts
7. I Like Small Butts (novelty)
8. Spank My Booty
9. Back That Ass Up
10. Face Down Ass Up
11. Shake That Ass, Bitch
12. Put Your Ass In the Air (techno-disco)
13. Girl You Stank, Wash Your Ass
14. She's Got a Butt Bigger... (country)
15. Rectum of Edmund Fitzgerald (Lightfoot parody)
16. Everybody Wants My Fanny (novelty)
17. Bertha Butt Boogie (novelty)
18. Fuckin' In the Butt (country)
19. The Biggest Aspidistra In the World
Assuming You Want To... 19 BUTT SONGS


Aleksandar said...

Request:Rose And The Arrangements - The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati,PLEASE!

Reimer said...

Loving the blog - any chance of a re-up of the tits/arse/cunt-themed shows?