Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Look at the pix (most every photo on the blog will enlarge and open in a new window if you click it) and see the similarities between the icons. I con only imagine what Bob's reaction was, when the first of the three Marlenas (Jakob counted up all of them) sang his song. Here, plucked from the blind eye of an indifferent past, converted from the original vinyl by ILLFOLKS, is the forgotten moment that melded woman and man, German and Jew, movie star and rock star. Why don't more people know about this version? The answer, my friend...

BLOWIN' IN DIE VIND No porn ads. No code games. Instant download or listen on line.

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Anonymous said...


Sluts give it away for free, maybe only asking for a "nice comment" between the re-ups.
In the future, all sluts will simply be known as "rapidsharers" or "megauploaders." And remember, with sluts it's all for sampling only, and all memory of the one-nighter should be deleted within 24 hours.
In other words, if you liked it, next time buy it.