Saturday, May 19, 2007


By request posted in the comments (of the butt song compilation!) here's the classic bug-a-boo novelty by Rose and the Arrangements. Since Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cincinnati, he's in charge of trying to save the town. In other words, Ill Folks didn't have a lotta time to ambitiously Photoshop a roach chomping the Fifth Third Bank Building like it was a Snickers bar.
Please, Roach, don't go crawling over to West 6th street...spare the ZaZou Grill & Pub!

The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati


Aleksandar said...

Thanks for this one!You Ill Folks must know Where I find SHARI ELF - I`m Forcing Goodness Upon You

Ill Folks said...


Shari's hooked up with CD Baby:

She's hoping to get $10 for her album over there. She also has her own site now:

And there's the "Tribute Album"

Might be some "Sharity" in the future here. And yes, Shari Lewis if anybody asks. Or Shani Wallis (that's sort of Shari if you're a bad typist)