Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ZOLA DIES...another flattened Platter

Halle Berry played her in a movie. But you didn't see it, did you? You also don't remember her singing any hits for The Platters. And admit it, up till this moment you had no idea who Zola Taylor is or was.
Sadder than Zola's obscure death last week is the slim number of tunes where you can hear her sing lead. On most of the greatest hits The Platters recorded, you might not even realize they were a quintet and not a quartet, and a female was among them. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Only You," "The Great Pretender," "Magic Touch" and "Twilight Time" all featured a male lead. "He's Mine," offered below, was one of the very few rockin' numbers with Zola singing lead, a Miss, the Platters didn't have a hit.
The song's a good example of Zola's capabilities, and if she'd been in a different group, and had different material, her death may have been bigger news.
If you think she sounds a bit like an energetic Frankie Lymon, then you might as well see the 1998 movie "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" in which three women (including Halle as Zola) claim to have married him and deserve his estate. Obviously Zola was one of the women who failed to impress a judge with her claim.
With Zola gone, only one member of The Platters survives.
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